At Premium Protection Services, we’re your security partners. That means that we understand your business and your unique needs. Using our proven experience, we tailor our approach to your particular situation, with our expertise in hospitality, safety, security, and risk assessment. Our success can be attributed to the close relationships we’ve forged with our clients. We’re more than a security firm. We’re part of your team.

PPS is prepared to service all of your security requirements with the highest quality personnel, whether you need executive protection, private investigations, event security, uniform security, security consulting, concierge services, or any other related service. Our industry experts are trained to deliver security assessments that enable us to better understand your specific requirements, and train to meet those requirements.

Our core values are what makes us industry leaders. PPS is committed to the highest level of standards of ethics, integrity, character and confidence. We pay acute attention to detail. A trait that we believe represents one of the most crucial determinants of success in our industry. We communicate with honesty and candor. We strongly believe in collaboration and teamwork, and we insist on excellence in everything we do.

It’s all a part of our 90/10 philosophy. We believe that 90% of the encounters with security are customer-service related. While only 10% are actually security-issue related . Our highly-trained staff understands this philosophy. A philosophy which aligns our efforts with your desire to maintain good public relations. A philosophy that defuses potential problems before they even have an opportunity to escalate. We believe that this level of service and professionalism is sorely lacking in the majority of today’s security industry. The 90/10 philosophy raises us above other firms which simply cannot provide the level of service that we consistently deliver. It is this philosophy and our resulting service level which explains our motto: What the world needs!

At Premium Protection Services, we know more than security. We know people.