Disaster Relief

Premium Protection Services works in partnership with various companies to create crisis response plans that are tailored to each client. Our crisis security plans focus on the immediate responses of our Crisis Response Teams (CRT). The goal of PPS is to provide you with quick responses to your crisis enabling us to reduce and mitigate any losses.

Our Crisis Response Teams (CRT) are hand selected for their training and ability to operate in high risk and hostile environments. These teams are trained to take command and control of the facilities and can assist management with logistics to create a speedy return of your essential personnel. CRT’s will establish a Command Center that will work closely with local , State, Federal, Military as well as the CDC, OSHA and FEMA. These teams can be deployed within 8 to 24 hrs to reduce losses.

PPS recognizes the impact that disasters may bring to your business and staff, and are committed to our professionalism and quick response.

Premium Protection Services Crisis Response Teams provide services to:

  • Hotels
  • Retail Stores
  • Medical Facilities
  • Govemment Facilities
  • Corporate Building Communities
  • and more…